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The tracking code ( is unique and will always lead to exactly this page.

Next, let's fill up the page with some information:

To do that, we will spare ten seconds to create an account. There are no emails we send you so make sure you remember the password!! Click register on the right top corner as shown in the video below.

Welcome to Loadzap!!

You are now a member and we'll do everything we can to make you happy - so you can make your customers happy!!

Next, let's help identify this tracking page by entering the to and from locations. It is really simple: Just enter two locations in the "TO" and "FROM" boxes on the left. If it is not an exact address our software will help you complete the location. We're going to try to help you complete them with our own data.

Look at all you have accomplished!

You have created a unique tracking number
You have identified your shipment by the To-and-From location

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